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nymphomane zoekt escort girls rotterdam

asks him if he knows what kind of massage is booked for him. One of his friends says they're just about there. Whateverhappens between them stays between them. His buddies laugh, once again exclaiming that he should trustthem! One of his friendspipes up and says, in an enticing tone, that it's a nuru massage. Is this is some kind of gag gift?' Kira assures him that a nuru massage is indeed a real massage, and that his buddies havemade an excellent choice! 'Are we there yet?' Ryan says as he's led blindly around, stumbling a little. Just a few more steps.

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Nymphomane zoekt escort girls rotterdam Hefollows her out of the e masseuse leads him to the inflatable mattress and instructs him to lay down. Ryan tells her that nymphomane zoekt escort girls rotterdam she shouldn't be doing that - but she reminds him it's hisstag party, right? I thought we were going to a casino or strip joint, or something.' His friends pretend to be hurt, then teasehim. Kira tells him that it's amazing that he found someone since everyone deservesthat. Kira is clearly trying to seduce him into havingsex, paying special attention to his cock. One of his friends says, 'It's a massage parlor!' Ryan's face drops withdisappointment. Thenwhen she starts body sliding, he's surprised and amused, saying that, 'Wow, okay, you weren't kidding earlier - this really IS intimate!'When she has him lay on his back and begins sliding along him, Ryan is very aroused. She continues washing him and Ryan naturally can't help but to become aroused.
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Via via sex dates naakte lesbische meiden She jerks his hard cock with increasing intensity as he gasps, telling her breathlessly how good it feels. He comments that it feels real nice as she works her hands all over his body. Kira tells him that this isn't a Swedish massage - it's a nuru massage! Doesn't he trust his own groomsmen, his best buds, to give him the best stag party? The buddies then throwtheir arms around Ryan and guide him to the e two groomsmen greet masseuse. He is blindfolded andaccompanied by two of his friends, who are grinning broadly. Kira Noir at the desk, giving Ryan's name, and says that he's there for an appointment.
nymphomane zoekt escort girls rotterdam nymphomane zoekt escort girls rotterdam

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His other friend then removes the blindfold and announces, 'Tada!'Ryan stares around with confusion. Ryan furrows his brows. He asks her what the hell is going on and she calmly says that this is part of the nuru experience. She begins to stroke his cock in earnest, and Ryan can't resist any longer, closing his eyes and moaning withpleasure. She asks if he wants a happy ending.

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